(2022) Huge Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace You Can’t Ignore

Diversity in the workplace means hiring people of all backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, genders, ethnicity, religion, and education level. It is inclusion in its truest sense, where employers hire workers solely based on their skills and expertise rather than holding any biases. 

As the world is becoming more inclusive, diversity in the workplace should be a must rather than a tag that companies use to boost their image. Unfortunately, many hiring managers don’t realize that embracing cultural diversity benefits the bottom line. For example, a company with a diverse workforce is likely to see a 35% surge in financial returns compared to non-inclusive companies. 

A team that is made up of diverse employees brings more creativity to the table along with perspectives that can influence clients and employees for the better as well as reach untapped customer markets. According to research, companies with a diverse workforce are 70% more likely to capture new markets and see growth in their market share.  

At AllyBot, we are avid supporters of diversity and inclusivity. It’s not only us but rather the whole world is embracing it; workplace diversity was even a key workplace trend in 2020. If you’d like to know more, let’s look at some of the other benefits of workplace diversity. 

5 Benefits of Embracing Cultural Diversity 

  1. Increased creativity

Workplace diversity boosts creativity. Think about it. When you put people from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures in one room, you’re bound to see a variety of opinions and perspectives that can improve the workings of your company. 

Creativity breeds innovation. In fact, when different CEOs were asked what skill they value the most, most responded with creativity. Take it from a CEO who knows how a company should be run. A diverse workforce has its own problem-solving way, paving the way for productivity. This leads us to our next benefit. 

  1. Increased productivity 

Productivity chases creativity. It’s not a made-up sentence that teachers spoon-feed their students to get them to study—it’s a fact. Haven’t you ever experienced the surge of adrenaline when you get a fantastic idea at work? Not only are you motivated to work, but you also want to work. 

With a diverse workforce, you’ll come up with creative ideas and solutions one after the other. A single creative individual can spark creativity in others. When your workforce is motivated, they’ll inspire others to follow suit. 

  1. Helps employees embrace personal growth

Companies that give creative freedom to their employees and have a healthy work culture create an environment where employees become ambassadors for the company. 

Employers often forget that the employees are the company’s backbone, and the company cannot prosper without ensuring their happiness. 

In a workplace where employees are content, they’ll want to do better and push their limits to achieve greater career success. But that’s not all. This will also impact your company’s public image. On average, 64% of people research a company online before they apply for a job. 

A diverse workplace will not only ensure a progressive work environment but also open the door to new skills and methods for your employees that will benefit their work performance. This includes better decision-making, improved workplace etiquette, and enhanced brainstorming skills. 

  1. Improved decision making

Building on our last point, a multicultural environment improves decision-making skills. According to research, a diverse workforce is 87% greater at decision-making compared to non-inclusive teams. Again, this is because a diverse team brings fresh perspectives and new ideas that help with decision-making. 

  1. Reduced employee turnover

Research proved that a diverse work environment results in greater employee engagement and happiness. As mentioned before, if your employees are happy and engaged, they’ll want to work and take the company to greater heights. 

This, in turn, reduces employee turnover, which not only benefits the company image but also saves up on costs. With each employee leaving, the HR department will have to spend time and resources to fill the vacancy and then train the new employee. Save money, time, and resources by providing your employees an inclusive environment. 

Characteristics of a Diverse Workplace

We’ve considered the benefits and importance of workplace diversity, but as an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your workplace is diverse and inclusive. A simple way to do this is to employ a staff of different cultural backgrounds and treat them fairly. 

Most equal-rights employers have funding and incentive schemes to encourage people to apply for jobs; this includes providing solutions to those with disabilities, who are old, and those in the minority. These tactics eliminate challenges to diversity and pave the way for a positive work experience. 

If you’re looking for ways to make your workplace more inclusive, here are some tips below. Additionally, you can also read our guide on ways to a more inclusive workplace

  • Discuss diversity with your employees and ask them for recommendations on how to make the workplace more inclusive.
  • Address your HR department and hiring managers of recruitment biases and explain to them the benefits of having diversity in the workplace so that there is no unfairness during the hiring process. It will also help if you let candidates know you’re an equal-rights employer.
  • Do not stick to the traditional way of doing things; accept that keeping up with trends and accommodating employees will boost productivity and create a healthy work environment. You can do this by allowing flexible work options and providing suitable maternal and paternal leaves to your employees. 

Inclusivity Starts With Words

As inclusive as we like to be, we are only humans and do make mistakes. These are usually by our actions or words. A few words said in carelessness have greater impacts than we realize. To truly make your workplace inclusive, you must be mindful of your speech. 

We understand we can’t be careful all the time, so why not take advantage of technology? With AllyBot, your team will understand the importance of inclusive language, which will help create an environment of openness and respect. This will benefit your workplace environment and foster care among your staff. 

If you want to start fostering inclusiveness where you work, reach out today and let AllyBot do all the work for you.